Cello suites, without Accompaniment by J.S.BACH/Leopold Godowsky


【Cello suites, without Accompaniment by J.S.BACH/Leopold Godowsky】
In this work Godowsky quite freely arranges No.2, No.3 and No.5 for piano based on the well-known sacred pieces for cello; six unaccompanied suites for cello. Cellists may not be happy when they listen!

1. Suite No.2 D minor: I. Prelude
2. Suite No.2 D minor: II. Allemande
3. Suite No.2 D minor: III. Courante
4. Suite No.2 D minor: IV. Sarabande
5. Suite No.2 D minor: V. Menuet I
6. Suite No.2 D minor: VI. Menuet II
7. Suite No.2 D minor: VII. Gigue
8. Suite No.3 C major: I. Prelude
9. Suite No.3 C major: II. Allemande
10. Suite No.3 C major: III. Courante
11. Suite No.3 C major: IV. Sarabande
12. Suite No.3 C major: V. Bourree
13. Suite No.3 C major: VI. Bourree II
14. Suite No.3 C major: VII. Gigue
15. Suite No.5 C minor: I. Prelude
16. Suite No.5 C minor: II. Fuga
17. Suite No.5 C minor: III. Allemande
18. Suite No.5 C minor: IV. Courante
19. Suite No.5 C minor: V. Sarabande
20. Suite No.5 C minor: VI. Gavotte I
21. Suite No.5 C minor: VII. Gavotte II
22. Suite No.5 C minor: VIII.Gigue
23. Schubert/Godowsky: Passacaglia

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