Tchaikovsky 'The Nutcracker', arr. for solo piano by Sergei Taneyev
くるみ割り人形 ピアノ独奏用編曲(セルゲイ・タネーエフ)

前作「眠れる森の美女」に引き続きバレエ曲のピアノ編曲版を録音した。「くるみ割り人形」はバレエ作品として長時間ではないが、1枚のCDに収めるために無用の繰り返しはやめ、作曲者の指定テンポ(結構速い!)を越えない程度の速度、また一部を大胆にカットすることで、79分58秒になるように最初から計算してから録音した。第18曲の「ジゴーニュ小母さんと道化たち (La Mère Gigogne et les Polichinelles)」は収録時間制限のため、わずか19秒のウルトラ・ショート・バージョンとしたが、通常バージョン(2mn42s)をwebからダウンロード出来るようにしたので、一応「全曲録音」と思って頂きたい。

Tchaikovsky 'The Nutcracker', arr. for solo piano by Sergei Taneyev

There is a wonderfully vivid, pictorial quality to Tchaikovsky's colourful music. Soon after Tchaikovsky completed his ballet, The Nutcracker, Taneyev made a piano transcription of the entire work. When he finished his transcription, he gave it to Tchaikovsky.

Taneyev may have thought about using this transcription for ballet practice and that he intended to try to capture all the sounds of the original piece when arranging it. But the overt frankness with which Taneyev reacted to Tchaikovsky's works made the composer nervous lot and they are often particularly dissatisfied with each other..

1 Overture
2 Act I Tableau 1: The Christmas Tree
3 Act I Tableau 1: March
4 Act I Tableau 1: Galop and Dance of the Parents
5 Act I Tableau 1: The Presents of Drosselmeyer
6 Act I Tableau 1: Grandfather Dance
7 Act I Tableau 1: Clara and the Nutcracker
8 Act I Tableau 1: the Battle and Transformation Scene
9 Act I Tableau 2: A Pine Forest in Winter
10 Act I Tableau 2: Waltz of the Snowflakes
11 Act II Tableau 3: The Magic Castle
12 Act II Tableau 3: Clara and Prince Charming Divertissement

13 Act II Tableau 3: Spanish Dance "Chocolate"
14 Act II Tableau 3: Arabian Dance "Coffee"
15 Act II Tableau 3: Chinese Dance "Tea"
16 Act II Tableau 3: Russian Dance "Trepak"
17 Act II Tableau 3: Dance of the Reed Pipes
18 Act II Tableau 3: The Clown "Polchinelle"
19 Act II Tableau 3: Waltz of the Flowers - Pas de deux
20 Act II Tableau 3: Intrada
21 Act II Tableau 3: Variation 1, Tarantella
22 Act II Tableau 3: Variation 2, Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy
23 Act II Tableau 3: Coda
24 Act II Tableau 3: Final Waltz and Apotheosis

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