Studies on Chopin's Etudes complete

"Studies on Chopin's Etudes"は様々な面においてピアノ音楽史上類を見ない、とてつもない作品である。しかしその演奏があまりに困難であるため、Godowsky本人の死後は演奏・録音する(できる)ピアニストが殆ど現れなかった。その結果、全貌がよく知られないままに珍曲扱いされ、正当な評価とは程遠い位置づけのまま、70年余りが経過してしまった。1990年のデビュー録音リリースから20年、Nanasakovがこの曲集の再録音に取り組み、全曲収録してくれたのは大変喜ばしい。この20年の間にゴドフスキーの再評価は随分と進み、Carlo Grante, Marc-Andre Hamelinによる全曲録音も登場した。しかし、Nanasakovのある意味「楽譜に完全に忠実な」演奏にはまた違った面白さがある。また、Godowskyは多くのossiaを書いているが、今回、ナナサコフは収録時間の許す限りで複数のヴァージョンを収録しており、これらの比較ができるのも有難い配慮である。

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    Studies on Chopin's Etudes complete
     "Studies on Chopin's Etudes" is an unparalleled and extraordinary work in the history of piano music in many different aspects. It is so difficult to perform that there have been almost no pianists who have (been able to) perform and record it since the death of Godowsky. This has resulted in it being, for the past 70 years, regarded as a rare work, the entirety of which remains unknown and which is far from having been fairly evaluated. Twenty years after his debut recording release in 1990, Nanasakov took it upon himself to re-record this collection of works and we are delighted that he recorded the entire collection.

     During this 20-year period, there has been much re-evaluation of Godowsky and there have also been recordings of the whole collection by Carlo Grante and Marc-Andre Hamelin. However, Nanasakov’s performance which is, in a sense, completely faithful to the score, is interesting in a different way. Godowsky also wrote many ossias but, with this undertaking, Nanasakov recorded multiple versions within the constraints of recording time, a consideration for which we are grateful as we are able to compare them.

Studies on Chopin's Etudes complete

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