Kapustin Piano Sonata



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     Russian composer Nikolai Kapustin is characterized by a very rhythmic and dynamic style that is based on classical music but incorporates jazz phrases well. On this CD, Kapustin, who has always had a desire to compose despite being a pianist with the National Film Symphony Orchestra and other orchestras, has recorded works since 1984, the year he became independent. These works are performed by Hiroshi Uematsu, whose precise rhythms and his transcendent playing technique allow him to follow Capustin's designated tempo, which is considered difficult, and clearly set forth Capustin's worldview.

     Born in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Uematsu took piano lessons from the age of 5 to 8, and has been self-taught ever since. As a student, he majored in mathematics at the University of Tokyo, while at the same time belonging to a piano club. He performs irregularly as an amateur and won the Grand Prix in the "Piano Grand Prix 2016" with a piece by Kapustin.

Kapustin Piano Soonata

UEHC-8016 Track List

    Piano Sonata No.1“Sonata Fantasia”
  1. Ⅰ.Vivace [3:38]
  2. Ⅱ.Largo [4:28]
  3. Ⅲ.Scherzo [3:12]
  4. Ⅳ.Allegro Molto [6:49]
  5. Piano Sonata No.10
  6. Ⅰ.Allegro [3:09]
  7. Ⅱ.Largo [5:23]
  8. Ⅲ.Toccata [4:10]
  9. Piano Sonata No.12
  10. Ⅰ.Allegretto [5:39]
  11. Ⅱ.Allegro assai [5:58]
  12. Variations [6:50]
  13. Three Impromptus No.2 * [3:57]
  14. The End of the Rainbow * [5:14]
  15. Fantasia * [5:10]
  16. Motive Force * [1:31]
  17. Humoresque * [4:23]
    (*ライブ録音:Live Recording)