Scriabin's "La Devin Poeme", "Prometheus"/Konyus, Sabaneev : 2 Pf


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    Scriabin's "La Devin Poeme", "Prometheus"/Konyus, Sabaneev : 2 Pf
    Just as F. Liszt made piano arrangements of Beethoven's symphonies, good symphonies have piano arrangements that are appropriate for them. Scriabin was engaged in a method of composition based on his own theory. The music was not the product of chance or improvisation, but of the acquisition of mystical chords, the departure from the fifth degree circle, the fusion of light and sound, and the novelty of the work, which led the composer himself to believe that a four-handed piano arrangement of Prometheus was impossible, but according to Sabaneev, who arranged it, "surprisingly it fit into two hands. Scriabin seemed to be disappointed that his work was not as difficult or complex as he had hoped." He said. In 2015, the centennial of Scriabin's death was celebrated with a cycle of his works, including Symphony No. 3 "La Devin Poeme" (for piano four hands), and Symphony No. 5 "Prometheus" (for two pianos) are rarely recorded, even though they are very useful for understanding orchestral playing.

Scriabin's "La Devin Poeme", "Prometheus"/Konyus, Sabaneev : 2 Pf

JNCD-1017 Track List

  1. Symphonie No.3 "Le Divin Poeme" Op.43 1st. movement [23:52]
  2. Op.43 2nd. movement [10:28]
  3. Op.43 3rd. movement [09:28]
  4. Symphony No. 5 Prometheus: The Poem of Fire, Op. 60 [20:42]
  5. Piano Concerto, 2nd movement Op.20 [08:59]