Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 5, arr. for two pianos by August Stradal

『マーラー 交響曲第5番 ピアノ2台用編曲(A. ストラダル)

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    Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 5, arr. for two pianos by August Stradal
    This arrangement is basically an attempt to faithfully reproduce the orchestra, which is very sound and difficult to play. The arranger, August Stradal, and Mahler share the same year of birth, 1860, and both were born in what is now the Czech Republic and studied at the Vienna Conservatory. Nanasakov's multi-recorded performance is not an intense, expressive performance as a whole, but rather, there are many scenes in which the music proceeds in-tempo and as directed by the score. The piano alone reveals the structure of the piece, and this may lead to many new discoveries. In particular, the fugal writing in the 5th movement is a real delight of piano arrangement.

Scriabin's "La Devin Poeme", "Prometheus"/Konyus, Sabaneev : 2 Pf

JNCD-1026 Track List

  1. Symphonie No.3 "Le Divin Poeme" Op.43 1st. movement [23:52]
  2. Op.43 2nd. movement [10:28]
  3. Op.43 3rd. movement [09:28]
  4. Symphony No. 5 Prometheus: The Poem of Fire, Op. 60 [20:42]
  5. Piano Concerto, 2nd movement Op.20 [08:59]