Alkan: Symp. & Concerto

op.39 No.4~7 【交響曲】

op.39 No.8~10 【協奏曲】
「ピアノのベルリオーズ」 とアルカンのことを評したのはハンス・フォン・ビューローだが、まさにこの協奏曲はその評に相応しい重量感に満ちている。長大な第一楽章、不気味な雰囲気をたたえた第二楽章、勇壮なポロネーズの第三楽章とまとめてみると、ロマン派時代以降のオーケストラを用いたコンチェルトを彷彿とさせる。R. ス ミスによれば、「バッハのイタリア協奏曲の19世紀的解答」である。バッハのソロによるこの有名な協奏曲は、彼以前のイタリア古典の作曲家たちのチェンバロ・コンチェルトのピアノ独奏用編曲を数曲仕上げた後のソロ用協奏曲に対する答えだった、という時代や作品の存在意義に相関しているようである。アルカンの優れたピアノ演奏技巧のみを楽譜から読み取るのは片手落ちであり、作品への先進的なイマジネーションとまたその彼の限界点を感じていただけるだろうか。

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    Op.39 No.4-7 Symphony
    To begin with, if we evaluate this symphony in terms of register, repetition, and tone, it is difficult to believe that it was composed with an ensemble of many instruments in mind. However, it should be noted that the thematics of the entire movement of the symphony are extremely musical scales. It can be understood that the composer has skillfully used the scale as a motif. It can be said to be ensemble-like in that it uses the character of ascending and descending scales to create a kind of dialogue, but it is fundamentally different in character from the inter-instrumental calls of an ensemble in terms of its construction. The writing itself favors some complexity, but it is possible to understand Alkan's classical tastes and sensibilities.

    Op.39 No.8-10 Concerto
    Hans von Bulow described Alkan as "the Berlioz of the piano. According to R. Smith, it is "the 19th century answer to Bach's Italian concerto. It seems to correlate with the period and the work's raison d'etre that Bach's famous solo concerto was an answer to the solo concerto after the completion of several arrangements for solo piano of harpsichord concertos by classical Italian composers before him. It would be one-sided to read only Alkan's superior piano playing skills into the score, but it is possible to get a sense of his advanced imagination for the work and its limitations.

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Final Fantasy Piano Collection 1

JNCD-FF01 Track List

  1. Op. 39 No. 4. Allegro (09:43)
  2. Op. 39 No. 5. Marche Funebre. Andantino (06:00)
  3. Op. 39 No. 6. Menuet (05:19)
  4. Op. 39 No. 7. Finale. Presto (04:25)
  5. Concerto
  6. Op. 39 No. 8. Allegro Assai (27:10)
  7. Op. 39 No. 9. Adagio (11:30)
  8. Op. 39 No. 10. Allegro Alla Barbarescah (09:32)