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     Flexibility" and "purity" are probably the keywords of Masaki Murakanori's playing. Anyone who sees him play the piano will be struck by his free and soft hand movements on the keyboard. This remarkable flexibility allows him to express his music with precision and song in every detail. He is also a man who never loses his childlike innocence, and his keen sensibility sensitively perceives changes in musical ideas, just as his eyes sparkle when he is in the presence of something joyful. The dimensionality of this combination of technique and sensitivity is astonishing. Innocence is essential in Mozart's expression. Here, the ingenious use of ornamental sounds during repetitions is not to be missed. The extremely beautiful sound of Szymanowski is captivating, down to the smallest detail. This is the work of advanced performance technique. Liszt's playing has the same beautiful quality, and the songs that emerge from the detailed movements of the notes stimulate the listener's ears pleasantly. Chopin's foggy expression is fresh and differentiated from the passionate, straightforward playing. This is the result of the player's unique sensibility. In Rachmaninoff, the player's strengths were on full display. The program concludes with an overwhelming excitement evoked by the combination of exuberance and melting lyricism.


JNCD-1016 Track List

  1. W.A.Mozart: Sonata in C major K.330
  2. K.Szymanowski: Fantaisie in C major Op.14
  3. F.Liszt: Les jeux d'eaux a la Villa d'Este S.163-4 (from Annees de pelerinage III)
  4. F.Chopin: Barcarolle Op.60
  5. S.Rachmaninoff: Piano Sonata No.2 in B-flat minor Op.36 (Horowitz edition)