Tchaikovsky Ballet Sleeping Beauty, for solo pianos (2 CDs)



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    An arrangement of Tchaikovsky's ballet "Sleeping Beauty" for solo piano.
    This CD contains the entire piece with only one repetition of the original omitted, and the recording was made after calculating that the two CDs should both fit in 79 minutes and 58 seconds. The tempo is based on Gergiev's and is not too fast, but it must be difficult to dance to it. There are a few additions by Nanasakov, and the performance has a sense of speed. Alexandre Giloti, Liszt's last disciple, was a very famous pianist of his time who supported Tchaikovsky on the piano.

    What is characteristic of Giloti's arrangements is that, although he was a virtuoso pianist himself, he did not leave behind highly original arrangements such as operatic paraphrases, nor did he focus on the ultra-extreme. Since the piano version of the entire work was prepared before the ballet premiered, it can be imagined that the arrangement was probably made with ballet rehearsals in mind, and the intention of capturing every detail of the original sound can be seen in the arrangement. However, he is a disciple of Liszt and Nicolai Rubinstein. There are parts that require a quick grasp of wide leaps, fast third-degree scales, and wide chords, requiring a simple yet sophisticated mechanicality common to Alkan and other composers. It seems to me that he is still a virtuoso at heart, just because he disliked the complexity of the "three hands" style.

Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker, Op. 71, Th 14, (Trans. for Solo Piano) by Sergei Taneyev

JNCD-1022Track List

  1. Introduction
  2. Act 1
  3. I. Marche (Entrance of King and Court)
  4. II. Scene dansante (Entrance of Fairies)
  5. III. Pas de six: Intrada - Adagio - Var. I-VI - Coda
  6. IV. Final (La Fee des lilas sort)
  7. V. Scene (The Palace Garden)
  8. VI. Valse
  9. VII. Scene (The Four Princes)
  10. VIII. Pas d'action: Adagio - Danse des demoiselles d'honneur et des pages - Variation d'Aurore - Coda
  11. Act 2
  12. IX. Final (La Fee des lilas parait)
  13. X. Entr'acte et scene
  14. XI. Colin-maillard (Allegro vivo)
  15. XII. Scene - Danse des duchesses - Danse des baronnes - Danse des comtesses - Danse des marquises
  16. XIII. Farandole: Scene - Danse
  17. XIV. Scene (Arrival of Huntsmen)
  1. XV. Pas d'action - Variation d'Aurore - Coda
  2. XVI. Scene (Allegro agitato)
  3. XVII. Panorama (Andantino)
  4. XVIII. Entr'acte (Andante sostenuto)
  5. XIX. Entr'acte symphonique - Scene (Aurora's sleep)
  6. XX. Final (Allegro agitato)(Breaking of spell)
  7. Act 3
  8. XXI. Marche
  9. XXII. Polacca (Allegro moderato)
  10. XXIII. Pas de quatre: Intrada - Variations I-IV - Coda
  11. XXIV. Pas de caractere (Puss in Boots)
  12. XXV. Pas de quatre: Adagio - Var. I-II - Coda
  13. XXVI. Pas de caractere (Red Riding Hood) - Cendrillon et le prince Fortune (Allegro - Waltz)
  14. XXVII. Pas berrichon (Hop'o my Thumb)
  15. XXVIII. Pas de deux: Intrada - Adagio - Var. I-II - Coda
  16. XXIX. Sarabande
  17. XXX. Finale: Allegro brillante - Apotheose