Ch. V. Alkan Op. 39 No. 8
Michael Nanasakov
May 27, 2022

「短調による12の練習曲」作品39は、ハンス・フォン・ビューローが「ピアノのベルリオーズ」と評し、リストが脅威を感じたアルカンの多面的天才を顕わす金字塔と言える大作だ。第8曲~10曲は協奏曲様式でこれは第8曲。ピアノ協奏曲をソロ用に書き直したリダクションといった雰囲気で始まるが、それはアルカンによる自由な想定のお話し。"4, 4', 8 / 8, 8, 8, 8 ,4"というリズムを基に、あらゆる可能性を追求した、演奏時間27分を超えるアルカンの傑作。

  • english description

    The "Twelve Exercises in Minor," Op. 39, is a milestone work that reveals the multifaceted genius of Alkan, whom Hans von Bulow described as "the Berlioz of the piano" and Liszt as a threat. The eighth through tenth pieces are in the concerto style, and this is the eighth piece. It begins with the atmosphere of a reduction of a piano concerto rewritten for solo, but it is a story of free assumption by Alkan." Based on the rhythm "4, 4', 8 / 8, 8, 8, 8 ,4", this is Alkan's masterpiece, with a playing time of over 27 minutes, in which he explores all possibilities.

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