Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4, 4th movement (2 pianos 8 hands)
Michael Nanasakov
April 10, 2021
チャイコフスキー交響曲第4番第4楽章 ピアノ2台8手編曲版(E. ランガー)

第4楽章 Finale: Allegro con fuoco


  • english description

    Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 4, 4th movement (2 pianos 8 hands)
    4th movement Finale: Allegro con fuoco
    F major, free rondo form.

     The opening of this movement begins abruptly with a spectacular tutti. Then, it quickly moves to the presentation of the sub-title. The contrast is clear and the exuberance is wonderful.

    In a letter written by Tchaikovsky to his patroness, Mrs. von Meck, he wrote, "This world is not only dark, but also has many simple human joys, as shown in this movement. Even if we do not fit in, we can acknowledge the existence of those joys and continue to live to overcome our sorrows." The explosion of fireworks in the opening rondo theme appears three times in the piece. The following sections are also lively, but the tone eventually becomes quieter. The rondo theme is followed by the return of the fanfare of the first movement at the end of the piece, and the closing section ends strongly in a major key.